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Insulin allergy and insulin resistance due to immune mechanisms are mediated by antibodies. The allergen may not be insulin, but protein (for example, protamine) and non-protein (for example, zinc) impurities that make up the drug. Prednisone pills in most cases, allergies are caused by itself or its polymers, as evidenced by local allergic reactions to human insulin and systemic reactions to highly purified insulins.

Bovine, porcine, and human insulins are used for treatment. Human insulin is less immunogenic than animal insulins, and porcine insulin is less immunogenic than bovine insulin. Bovine insulin differs from human insulin in two A-chain amino acid residues and one B-chain amino acid residue, while porcine insulin differs from human insulin in one B-chain amino acid residue. The A-chains of human and porcine insulin are identical. Although human insulin is less immunogenic than porcine insulin, only human insulin is allergic. The degree of prednisone of insulin is determined by the content of proinsulin impurities in it. Insulin containing 10-25 µg/g of proinsulin was previously used, currently highly purified insulin containing less than 10 µg/g of proinsulin is used.

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The transient nature of early local allergic reactions, as well as insulin resistance after desensitization to insulin, may be due to blocking IgG. Local allergic reactions that develop 8-24 hours after insulin injection may be the result of an allergic reaction.and delayed type to insulin or prednisone 20 mg. Insulin resistance can be due to both immune and non-immune mechanisms. Non-immune mechanisms include obesity, ketoacidosis, endocrine disorders, infection. Insulin resistance due to immune mechanisms is very rare.


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Allergic reactions to insulin can involve antibodies of different classes. Anaphylactic reactions, a significant proportion of early local allergic reactions, and possibly some late local allergic reactions are due to IgE. Local allergic reactions that develop 4-8 hours after insulin administration and insulin resistance are due to IgG.



It usually occurs during the first year of insulin treatment, develops over several weeks, and lasts from several days to several months. Sometimes insulin resistance occurs during desensitization to insulin.


Buy prednisone to insulin can be manifested by local and systemic reactions. They occur in 5-10% of patients. Mild local reactions develop more often. Over the past few years, the prevalence of allergic reactions to insulin has decreased significantly.

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Local allergic reactions (swelling, itching, pain) can be early and late. Early appear and disappear within 1 hour after injection, late - after a few hours (up to 24 hours). In some cases, the reaction is biphasic: its early manifestations last no more than 1 hour, then later, more persistent manifestations occur after 4-6 hours.

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Sometimes a painful papule appears at the site of insulin injection, which persists for several days.

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Papules usually appear in the first 2 weeks of insulin treatment and disappear after a few weeks.

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Severe local allergic reactions, especially aggravated with each subsequent administration of insulin, often precede a systemic reaction.

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Systemic allergic reactions to insulin are relatively rare.

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Most often they are manifested by urticaria.

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Systemic allergic reactions usually occur when insulin therapy is resumed after a long break.

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Local allergic reactions are usually mild, resolve quickly, and do not require treatment.

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For more severe and persistent reactions, the following is recommended:

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H1 blockers, such as hydroxyzine, adults - 25-50 mg orally 3-4 times a day, children - 2 mg / kg / day orally in 4 divided doses.

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As long as the local response persists, each dose of insulin is divided and injected into different sites.

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Zinc-free porcine or human insulin preparations are used.

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Particular care should be taken when a local allergic reaction is exacerbated, as this often precedes an anaphylactic reaction.

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Interrupting insulin therapy in an insulin-dependent patient is not recommended in this case, as this may lead to a deterioration in the condition and increase the risk of an anaphylactic reaction after the resumption of insulin treatment.

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Anaphylactic reactions to insulin require the same treatment as anaphylactic reactions caused by other allergens.

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With the development of an anaphylactic reaction, the need for insulin therapy must be assessed.

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